Monday, January 28, 2013

FAQ: "What's the Worst Part of Your Job?"


That's a fun question!

All employment has it's ups and downs, right?  And trust me, this situation is certainly no different.

In this live-in job where I serve as house manager, the ups outweigh the downs, I must say.  (Good pay, fun work and a constant demand for creativity and learning.)

But the downs are seriously down.

Not being able to spend holidays with my own family and friends is hurtful to the soul.  (But that's the nature of the job and I knew that before I started, didn't I?)

Then there's the unpredictable hours.  Maybe I've made plans for dinner and a movie with friends, but suddenly there's an unexpected cocktail party that pops up.  Or maybe the heat goes down in the middle of the night and I'm called out of bed.  But again it's the nature of the job, and I have little room to complain.

So I guess what I'm going to say is the worst part of this job, as you might can imagine, is living in an environment where you're not loved.

Most of us have the luxury of going home to our family, friends, roommates or at least some friendly neighbors or even pets. 
But when I come home from the gym or an evening out with friends, there's just this incredible isolation.  Locked behind two sets of gates to get into this place.

I didn't realize how difficult this would be, having never experienced anything like it before.  And when I do move on someday, it will definitely be to a live-out situation.  Try to imagine what it would be like to live with your boss and his or her family 24/7.  (What was I thinking?)

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  1. Dear Andrew You were thinking of all the help you can be and theIntresting things you would encounter ! KEK

    1. You're always so kind and supportive, KEK. Thank you fo saying that.


  2. I could NEVER live with my boss!!! I think I understand where you are coming from. You've got an interesting blog here and I've enjoyed reading.

    1. Thanks for your understanding, Josh. Ha! Always nice to hear from you.