Thursday, July 18, 2013

Addendum to "Champagne Stemware"!


In the last post entitled Champagne StemwareCoupes, Flutes and Tulips, I was comparing the different styles of barware for serving champagne.

Our friend Ben Reierson, a wine aficionado currently living in Australia, immediately asked about stemless champagne flutes that are currently gaining in popularity.

I should have mentioned them in the last post as an option to stemware altogether. From these Google images you can readily see their simplicity and elegance.  

My first exposure to stemless wine glasses was many years ago when traveling to Yugoslavia, East Germany and other former eastern-block nations, where stemware seemed to be regarded as something decadent from the west.

Perhaps so, but there's a reason beyond decadence:

Stemware is to wine and champagne the exact same thing beer koozies are to brew - a practical way to prevent the hand from warming the beverage.

Conversely, the very short stem on a brandy glass intentionally allows this after dinner drink to be warmed by the fingers and palm, which enhances the flavor.

So I don't know.

Choosing an elegant stemless flute over traditional stemware unfortunately means your champagne is going to warm up rather quickly.

Not a really great tradeoff to my way of thinking.  

But then, I suppose you could always put a beer koozie on it, right?

Thanks for dropping by tonight, and thanks Ben for bringing this up.




  1. Andrew, they do have Koozies for champagne bottle.

    On another note, how has the new Mrs taken to you blogging about her?

    1. Yes, there's a hand-knitted koozie/cozy here, which they use when taking a bottle of chilled champagne to a party. They're not married, btw, so it's not really 'Mrs' yet. As for the blog, as long as I don't reveal their identity I'm good to go. Thankfully they both have a great sense of humor, and understand mine.

  2. I agree with you on the stemless flute for white wine and champagne. Nothing worse than warm champagne in my opinion.

    1. The word nauseating comes to mind, as far as warm champagne. Warm beer is not that great either, but at least it's tolerable in a pinch.

    2. This is totally valid. Maybe the reason I don't mind stemless champagne glasses is because I tend to drink it fast enough that it doesn't have a chance to warm up.:)

      However, I *often* find that white wine is served too cold, so being able to warm it up a bit without looking ... uncouth, is convenient.

      Thanks for the shout-out Andrew!

  3. Ha! Somehow I thought you'd say that, Ben. My champagne doesn't have a chance to get warm either - and I use stemware! Maybe we should put our flutes in the freezer, like beer mugs. Whadda ya think?