Friday, April 11, 2014

Car Lofts for the Rich!


I think I mentioned a few years back that my employer has several homes scattered around the world, one of them being a luxury apartment in Manhattan. Remember?

Well, this week I got rooked into tending bar for a small impromptu cocktail party (not enough notice to get a caterer and real bartender over here), and I overheard a bar-type conversation wherein my employer was complaining about how slow the valet parking is at the New York apartment, and how long he has to wait to get his car.

Now, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, there's nothing new about his complaining! Rich people, in fact, can whine and complain about the damnedest things that most of us can only dream or drool about. And I mean that -- the whining is non stop! Nothing's ever good enough. (And believe me, it's tiresome and embarrassing as all get out.)

Anyhow, the conversation turned to car lofts and luxury high rise parking, and it occurred to me I've never mentioned anything about this. But did you know that inventive architects have designed luxury high-rise apartments for the rich where they can have their cars lifted up and parked in their own apartments?

It's true!

I think the first one was in Singapore, at a high rise called Hamilton Scott, exclusively for multi-millionaires and billionaires. And I've heard about other's popping up in places around the world where the rich congregate.

To see for yourself, here's a YouTube link to the one in Singapore, and here's a link to another one in Berlin. (Seriously--are we supposed to gag, or laugh?)

I have major questions about how gasoline fumes are eliminated, and how repairmen get up there if you've got a dead battery or locked your keys in the car. But I guess they've got that all worked out as well, wouldn't you think?

I'm also not sure how well this extravagance plays into the current climate and mood about income inequality and the great divide between the 1% and all the rest of us. Adding fuel to the fire, in my opinion. But then, who am I?

Anyhow, I hope this has been mildly interesting, and informative...

Good night,

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  1. Dear Andrew I don't think I would want my car in my apartment / house with all the smells ! But I guess to each t heir own ! I didn't know that was offered !KEK

    1. Hi, KEK. There's a whole lot of things that rich people have and do that many of us couldn't even imagine. This is only one of them.