Sunday, March 6, 2011

Personal Shopper for a Billionaire!

One of the most fun things about this job is shopping for the house and family!

The great thing about working for a billionaire family is that the budget is seemingly limitless -- and so is my household account! 

I was issued a a corporate credit card when first hired, and no matter what I spend, the Foundation replenishes the account immediately.  Absolutely amazing!

Normally I can go through six-or-seven thousand a month just for food and household items to keep the Residence running smoothly.  But if there are special events (and there are lots around here!), this can easily   balloon to twenty or twenty-five thousand.! 

If I need to order a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of Russian "Beluga" Caviar for a large cocktail party, there's $6,000 or $7,000 right there, unless I hit a sale!  (My heart always skips a beat when I hit the "Add to Cart" button---especially if I need two kilograms, in which case I'm near sweating.  Ha!)

I try to keep the cost of fresh flowers and candles down to $2,000 a month.  These are just cut flowers that Nelda and I (or the Missus)arrange ourselves in the house vases.  But if there's a party, Andre (the florist) is called in, and that's going to cost me another three-or-four thousand (for flowers, that will die in a week!)

If I need new high-end pots and pans, or a new vacuum, or need to send out a Persian rug to be cleaned ($1,500 and up),  I'm free to spend whatever's needed, no questions asked.  (Major repairs--replacing an a/c compressor, a new water heater and so forth go through an entirely different budget the Foundation takes care of.)

And something amazing for me -- all my life when I go to the supermarket I have to be so very careful to buy just the cheapest items and still have some kind of nutrition. 

But imagine what it's like to go shopping for this family and buy whatever you wish -- the most expensive array of imported cheeses, the choicest cuts of meats, the freshest shrimp and wild Atlantic salmon, fruits, berries, nuts, expensive deli crackers and chocolates---all without so much as glancing at the price.  Just awesome!

The Mister is always grumbling about household expenses.  And one month when my account exceeded thirty-two thousand  (it was December, for God's sake, and there were several large events in the house) he mentioned that we needed to "cut back". 

When I reported this to the Missus, who runs the house, she simply replied, "Things are as they are--don't worry about him, I'll take care of it."

I also want to mention that if there's an event at the house involving the Events Planner, Caterers, Waiters, Bartenders, Security and Valet Parkers -- that's an entirely separate budget taken care of by the Foundation, and doesn't come out of my household account.  This kind of party can hit seventy-five to a-hundred-thousand dollars or more in nothing flat!  Ask any butler, in any major house!

When first hired, all this extravagance took my breath away!  But I'm way over it now -- and just hope at each party there will be a little left-over Beluga!

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  1. Just what exactly is being done with the old items being replaced? I'm just curious. Are they discarded, given to charities/donations? Are they offered to the staff?

  2. We have a "Good Will" closet. The Mrs fills it up right along, ha! And I'm sure Neiman's appreciates that. But the Mister is a stingy old goat.