Friday, May 9, 2014

The Seven Social Sins in the World of the Rich!

Back in the days when Mahatma Gandhi was trying to throw off British rule from his beloved India, he published a list of what he called the Seven Social Sins in his weekly newspaper Young India. 

It challenges what Gandhi felt were the wrong doings of the rich and the British ruling class that were oppressing his country. Considering the current climate in America about the 1% and income inequality, his observations seem apropos to this very day.

Here is his list of the Seven Social Sins, sometimes referred to as the Seven Blunders of the World - which in his mind could lead to anger, chaos, violence, and revolution:

1) Wealth without work.
2) Pleasure without conscience.
3) Knowledge without character.
4) Commerce without morality.
5) Science without humanity.
6) Worship without sacrifice.
7) Politics without principle.

Astounding accusations, aren't they? Which seems to me can apply to the rise and fall of so many nations and cultures all throughout history - starting with Persia and Rome.

Where do the modern-day super rich fit into Gandhi's observations? It's certainly not for me to say or judge, but would depend on how they use their wealth I suppose. Whether for the greater good or merely self aggrandizement.      

Thanks for dropping in this evening.