Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Fourth of July, 2015!

I just got some terrific news! My spy coworker at the office called to say the pilot has been engaged for ten days over the Fourth of July weekend!

She has no idea where they're going and said there's no hotel bookings coming across her desk. Which usually means they're going to one of their other properties - maybe the Caribbean or perhaps the condo in Paris. But it could also mean they're visiting friends somewhere else altogether and don't need a hotel.

In any case (as mentioned before) I'll know precisely where they're going the moment the jet leaves the hanger from a plane-tracking website called Flight Aware. Just type in the tail number of a private jet and you know the exact flight plan. Likewise, I'll know when the jet is on the move again and on it's way home.

So I have the happy task of giving the house staff and groundskeepers lots of time off during the next ten days. Of course when you have your own jet and pilot, rich people can change their plans at a moment's notice and come home early, God forbid.

In which case I simply send an EMERGENCY TEXT ALERT to the staff so that we can all be caught working dead in our tracks when our employer returns.

But with the old man being out of our hair for at least a few days gives new meaning to the words Independence Day.

Happy Fourth!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Trouble With Being Rich!

Most of us have at least occasional thoughts and dreams about being insanely rich and how we might spend our lives with unlimited wealth, right? Wouldn't it be nice not to set an alarm clock and show up at some crappy job every day? Wouldn't it be fun to travel and see the world?

Some of us are already on the path to accumulating wealth to make these very dreams come true. But in the back of our minds there's this nagging question about what responsibilities are involved in managing all that money and the lifestyles that go along with it - not to mention what would we do with ourselves once we're free from the struggle?

Since writing this blog I've had many, many questions about how the rich live; where do they go, what do they eat, what do they do with all their free time? And there's about 90 million Google inquiries asking "Are Rich People Happy?"

Most definitely there's unseen burdens and untold obligations associated with being super rich, and there's many opinions on the subject of course. But one of the most insightful I've read in a long time is an article in the BBC News by Angela Henshall, entitled "The Trouble With Being a Billionaire".

Among her many pearls of wisdom, Henshall quotes Ben Mezrich's book The Accidental Billionaires about Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

To cite an example, in one of the topics about how rich people raise their kids, Mezrich writes: "The children of the supremely wealthy have lots of issues because they never had to struggle - and struggle makes us strong. Struggle is the human condition, the key to evolution, the reason we adapt. If you don't have to struggle, you don't really have to get smart or strong, you just drift along." 

Personally I wouldn't mind drifting along for a few weeks or months, dilly dallying on an exotic beach somewhere in the Caribbean or hopping around the Greek islands. But that gets boring pretty quick, doesn't it?

Then we're faced with the age-old question that all rich people must ultimately deal with, most poetically described when Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby forlornly mused"What will we do with ourselves this afternoon, and the day after that, and the next thirty years?" 

Before going, here's a link to Angela Henshall's fascinating article in the BBC News: "The Trouble With Being a Billionaire".

Thanks from dropping in this evening,