Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Neiman Marcus Makes It Official: Christmas Is On The Way!

Well, well, it's only the first week of October. Halloween is still three weeks away, but we got an email today from Neiman Marcus that the Christmas Catalog is in the mail and now available online.

Taking only a quick peek, it has it's usual understated cover (some might think it tacky or even worse, artsy-fartsy) which belies the insanely expensive gifts inside.

In any case, for those in the high-end retail world this seemingly marks the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season, and all hell's about to break loose. For the rich, of course, this three-month lead time is helpful in appropriating the funds to accommodate the voracious expectations of their friends and families.

For those of us in private service here at the mansion, this also marks the beginning of when our stomachs start going into knots with so much work to do!

Upon consultations with our employer, we need to get the greeting cards designed, printed and sent to the calligrapher for addressing. Make out a gift list and do the shopping in order of priority. Prepare for the exterior house decorations and meet with our dreadful florist for the interior designs. Deal with events planners and caterers for all the parties that are about to slam us in the face. And all the while trying to put on a happy face about this annual work overload.

I can't really say that rich people look any more forward to all this than we do. It's just part of their social obligations and trying to fulfill what's expected of them by way of generosity and charity events that overwhelm them every year at this time. But we do our best to back them up and make everything go smoothly.

We'll also be looking much forward to their winter vacation directly after New Year's, when all this nutty crap joyous occasion is behind us.

Before going, here's a link to the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog. Just hit the Flip Book button to go through it and see what rich people are up to this year.

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Pope in America! What just happened?

I must say my head is spinning this weekend, not unlike Linda Blair's in The Exorcist. The Pope has been all over the place in America and there's like this crazy upside-down sort of thing going on.

Pope Francis spoke to the U.S. Congress and the very next day John Boehner, Speaker of the House, stepped down. Well, okay. Fine I guess.

Practically at the same time President Obama was meeting with China's Xi and made some agreement on cyber theft. That's good too I suppose, right?

Moving right along, Francis went to Philadelphia to attend the Festival of Families on the same day the controversial movie Stonewall opened in America about the beginning of Gay Rights. But get this, the Master of Ceremonies was none other than Mark Wahlberg, the Calvin Klein underwear boy, who has since evolved into a serious actor and producer, and apparently a right-wing conservative. And all that's fine too, I guess. Whatever.

And then, opening the concert for the Festival of Families was Sister Sledge with her internationally recognized Gay Anthem, "We Are Family", and there were dancing Nuns in the audience that will no doubt show up on YouTube!

As I said, my head is totally spinning around, but Aretha Franklin pulled it out at the last minute and brought the concert to a more spiritual level with her rendition of Amazing Grace, along with a few fancy dance steps for the Pontiff's benefit.

I'm not sure what Pope Francis will take away and think about America after this whirlwind visit, On the whole, however, I think he will see what an amazing, wonderful, complex nation this is, and how we get along together as best we can - all the struggles and in-fighting notwithstanding.

I love this crazy country, and thanks for stopping by this evening!