Monday, April 22, 2024

UPDATE: Happy Earth Day 2024!

In the few months since I posted "Do Rich People Cause Climate Change?" there have been some significant developments and changes. 

On the political front the United Nations has been able to get all nations on board with cutting emissions with richer nations agreeing to help poorer countries that would be hurt the worst. As you might suspect details have not been worked out yet, but at least all nations have agreed that something urgently must be done. In addition, taking a risk during an election year President Biden was bold enough to unveil strict new car emissions in an effort to boost Electric Vehicles sales (EV's). And there are some European countries that are imposing restrictions even higher that Biden's

On another front a whole new industry has started up. It's called Geo Engineering and its mission is the deliberate intervention in the earth's climate changes as they happen to try to stop any further damage. The words White Hydrogen has been on everyone lips but lately something new is taking center stage. In fact on the eve of Earth Day CNN aired a fascinating and hopeful documentary entitled "Blue Carbon: Nature's Hidden Power. 

It was 58 years ago today that a group of radical students at the University of California at Berkeley created what they called Earth Day. Their complaint at the time was against corporations and private individuals who were polluting the air and water. Since then the earth's climate change problems have multiplied to the point that Earth Day has now become an international event. 

All of which gives reason for hope!

As always, thank you for reading, and again Happy Earth Day!



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