Saturday, January 7, 2012

WD-40 to the Rescue!

In Town & Country magazine's November 2011 issue, there's an article entitled At Your Service by Jonathan Reynolds about things a butler should know and do. Mostly it was interesting, but one of those things was about "bowing from the waist as you back out of a room." 

As the bad butler I apparently must be, let me tell you this is NEVER going to happen around here! I don't even bow when I enter the room, much less ass-backward on the way out. This is America after all, not Great Britain. (Which is not say we don't have a lot of Queens, but none of them are actually royalty.)

Anyhow, the article wasn't entirely useless. Christopher Ely (who was once a butler at Buckingham Palace!) mentioned that WD-40 was great for removing lipstick from fabrics. Really?

Around the Missus's vanity mirror there's always makeup and eye shadow droplets in the beige carpet in her boudoir, not to mention lipstick smudges when she accidentally drops the tube.Usually I just call in a professional carpet cleaner now and then to tidy up this area. But I decided to try Mr. Ely's recommendation. And I'm absolutely stunned!

I sprayed the lipstick and the black eye-shadow specks with WD-40, wiped them with a dry cloth - and voila, gone! I've yet to experiment if it works on dinner napkins, pillow cases, and clothing. But what can it hurt to try?

What I also don't know is whether or not this leaves a residue in the carpet like most spot cleaners, which will eventually attract dust and create a brown spot. But who cares? The lipstick is gone, and residues can usually be eliminated with a general carpet cleaning.

Hope this might be of help in situations around your home, and thanks for stopping by tonight,