Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Saks Fifth Avenue: Where Rich People Shop!

Apparently I'm writing a lot these days about where rich people shop, but it's the holidays of course, and I'm getting a lot of questions on the subject.

Before we go any further I need to mention one of the most venerable and beloved department stores of all times - Saks Fifth Avenue. Usually referred to as just Saks, it's the zenith of fashionable and gracious living and has spread form the original New York store to major cities across the country. In fact, I'm going to defer to their website and let you explore for yourself. Here's the link.

What I can tell you from personal experience is that a visit to Saks is an awesome and memorable experience, especially the flagship store in Manhattan. In addition to old-world elegance and a relatively-polite, loyal and knowledgeable staff, it sits there on Fifth Avenue right next door to the Cathedral of Saint Patrick, also known as St. Patrick's Cathedral.

On the north side of Saks, on each floor, there are beautiful wood-framed arched windows that overlook St. Pat's. And on each and every higher floor you have a different and better view of the spectacular architecture of this Neo-Gothic cathedral, right up to the spires.

Whether you're going there to shop or don't have a dime in your pockets, you really need to visit this store - and they're accustomed to tourists wandering in and out, trust me on that point. No other department store I know of can offer this kind of experience. 

On the top floor there's a lunch room called Cafe SFA with amazing views and a menu that won't break the bank. So if you've not been there before or you're visiting New York for the first time, make this a special outing. You'll not be disappointed.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Neiman Marcus: Where Rich People Shop!

For over a century Neiman Marcus has been a legendary player in the dazzling world of luxury department stores for the rich. Usually referred to as just Neiman's, to the chagrin of the Marcus family no doubt, the first store was established in Texas in 1907 by three investors - Herbert Marcus, his sister Carrie, and her husband A.L. Neiman.

Legend has it they were invited to invest their money in a new company about to open up at that time called "Coca-Cola", but they were reluctant to do so. Instead they decided to open a high-end department store for all the new oil-rich Texas millionaires in their hometown of Dallas.

Although the store was an immediate success and has spread to major cities all across the United States, Stanley Marcus, CEO of the company fifty years later, once joked that "Neiman Marcus was founded upon bad business judgment!"

The best way to understand this store is to take a look at their website. Here's a link to the amazing world of Neiman Marcus.  But be prepared to spend a little time, and a good deal of money if you're so inclined.

The original spelling of the store was Neiman-Marcus, with a hyphen. And over the years the store has acquired the jestful nickname Needless-Markup, which I'm sure you've heard, of course. But if you peruse their web site for a few moments (especially 'The Christmas Book') you'll understand the intended humor of their nickname. Their prices are way out there!

At least we can dream, and do a little window shopping, right?
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