Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Saks Fifth Avenue: Where Rich People Shop!

Apparently I'm writing a lot these days about where rich people shop, but it's the holidays of course, and I'm getting a lot of questions on the subject.

Before we go any further I need to mention one of the most venerable and beloved department stores of all times - Saks Fifth Avenue. Usually referred to as just Saks, it's the zenith of fashionable and gracious living and has spread form the original New York store to major cities across the country. In fact, I'm going to defer to their website and let you explore for yourself. Here's the link.

What I can tell you from personal experience is that a visit to Saks is an awesome and memorable experience, especially the flagship store in Manhattan. In addition to old-world elegance and a relatively-polite, loyal and knowledgeable staff, it sits there on Fifth Avenue right next door to the Cathedral of Saint Patrick, also known as St. Patrick's Cathedral.

On the north side of Saks, on each floor, there are beautiful wood-framed arched windows that overlook St. Pat's. And on each and every higher floor you have a different and better view of the spectacular architecture of this Neo-Gothic cathedral, right up to the spires.

Whether you're going there to shop or don't have a dime in your pockets, you really need to visit this store - and they're accustomed to tourists wandering in and out, trust me on that point. No other department store I know of can offer this kind of experience. 

On the top floor there's a lunch room called Cafe SFA with amazing views and a menu that won't break the bank. So if you've not been there before or you're visiting New York for the first time, make this a special outing. You'll not be disappointed.

Happy shopping, and thanks for stopping by,



  1. Sax and Neimans were fun to go to. I like New York in the late fall, just before Christmas, but I enjoy fall and winter in the mountains better. I have to admit to not really being much of a "shopper" though it might be different if I had a limo to drop me off at the door and chauffeur and never looked at price tags. But I doubt it :).

    I did enjoy the holiday windows a lot of stores had in NYC. I remember my favorite ever quite easily - a huge turkey made entire of cutlery!!!

    What's your favorite not so famous place to shop - specialty store or otherwise?

    1. My favorite place to shop? Hammacher Schlemmer in New York, hands down!

      Famous within the environs of NY, but not a national chain. And full of crazy, cutting-edge stuff, in all price ranges.

      (They have a website, so you can still shop in New York from your favorite spot in the mountains.)

  2. Sometimes I hate working for a West Coast rich kid! Sounds like high society is much more interesting on the east coast!

    1. Although Mark Twain was talking about continents, the same applies to the east and west coasts here in the USA -- "East is east, and west is west...."

      But I confess to being partial to NY myself. (Which is not meant to infer that Californians are air heads, or anything like that.)