Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Fat Tuesday and Happy Lent 2020!

Dear God, I don't know how it crept up on me this year, but Lent begins this very night at midnight! And tomorrow is Ash Wednesday! It has come early this year and I've made no preparations whatsoever.

Usually I put off New Year's Resolutions (which are supposed to last a whole year, right?) until Lent, which is only forty days and theoretically much more manageable. But still I've got nothing.

The question always arises this time of year, "What are you giving up for Lent?" And I'm drawing a blank. In fact, I  just put up a Twitter Tweet asking if "doing only half of a bad thing counts as a good thing?" What do you think? Would that work, or is it an immediate pathway to hell?

My employer doesn't participate in Lent in any way. Although I think he might should! The last couple of months between Christmas and Valentine's have been crazy as all get out. As if this house were a hotel with a revolving door at the front entrance, his parade of new girlfriends seem to come and go at an increasingly alarming rate.

The minute we grow accustomed to and comfortable with one woman, she's out the door and a new one comes in. The trigger seems to be when they start talking about marriage, or wanting an engagement ring. Some of these ladies play it slowly and carefully and the relationship lasts for a couple of years before they start getting demanding. But the last one, who moved in here and tried to take over the house only lasted six weeks before she was booted out. Which didn't hurt my feelings one bit to see her pack up and go.

But it's like we don't have a normal routine around here anymore. Like we're out of the loop with the normal flow in planning for future events throughout the coming year, simply because we don't know who or what to plan for.

Anyhow, I just wanted to check in and say Happy Lent if you're Catholic and trying to participate this year. It's only forty days after all. Forty long miserable days. But we'll get through it.

As always, thanks for stopping by this evening.