Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fortnum & Mason!

Honestly I think this house where I serve as butler would completely collapse were it not for Fortnum and Mason. We depend upon this British store for so many things I can't even think straight teas, coffees, honey (they have their own bees) wines, chocolates, perfumes, and wonderful gifts for my employers to give to others.

This company has been around forever, dating back to Queen Anne in the 1700's. For all I know, they might have carried the original line of Queen Anne furniture styles - which survives to this day in furniture stores and households everywhere.

Both of the original founders, William Fortnum and his partner Hugh Mason, vehemently denied it was their tea that was tossed overboard in Boston Harbor during the beginnings of the America Revolution. (Wasn't it Shakespeare who said 'Me think thou doth protest too much' - from Hamlet as I recall?)

In any case, this store is truly remarkable. They've had many royal warrants over the decades and we all know that Regina herself, Queen of England, shops there. Although if I'm not mistaken they close the store to other shoppers when the royals come in. (If anyone else knows more about this, please let me know.)

Whatever your household needs, you can't go wrong with this company. Here's the link to the fabulous world of Fortnum & Mason - usually referred to as just Fortnum's. But beware, you can get lost in their webpage for hours and even shop online. So get out your credit cards and have fun, but don't blame me when the bills come in!

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  1. Andrew
    You make it sooooo easy for us to be temped . LOL thanks for the fun!!!KEK

    1. And again, don't blame me when the bills come in! Ha! Glad you enjoyed...