Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Halloween Candy in July?

As an addendum to the last post about rich people already staking out Christmas party dates in mid-to-late summer, I just wanted to mention that Walgreen's is already putting out Halloween candy!

We're hardly through with our vacations and lazy hazy days of summer, right? But greedy corporations are already shoving the holidays in our face.

I just wanted to say thank you very much Walgreen's for your unveiled and unbridled eagerness to get a jump on your competitors, no matter how unseemly it may be.

Plus we're all so glad to know that the candy you're putting out for innocent children is so loaded with chemicals that it'll last on your store shelves for at least the next four months - from now until Halloween, if not for years to come!

I'm not the rampaging anti-corporation type, but there comes a point when a sense of social order, good taste and propriety should regulate even corporations, don't you think?

Why can't you wait 'til at least September, Walgreen's, to put out your Halloween chemicals candy?

But in July? In the middle of summer? Why not go ahead and put out your Valentine's candy at the same time?

I'm sure it'll keep!



  1. Too funny Andrew! Since it keeps so well like you say I wonder if they are putting out last years candy? lol! We're not going on vacation until the last two weeks of August so the idea of the holidays is the last thing on my mind right now especially in 100 degree heat here in San Antonio! Lydia

    1. Yes, that's precisely what I mean Lydia. Have fun on your vacation and don't worry about the holidays - they'll still be here when you get back.