Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Plea to Twitter!

There's some disturbing news right now that Twitter is considering expanding Tweets from 140 characters to 10,000!

WHAT? Please God don't let this happen! The whole FUN of Twitter is quick tweets and rapid response, to which millions of active users have all become accustomed!

And the thing is, this limitation of 140 characters has forced Twitter fans to increase our focussharper thinking, and precise usage of the English language to get a simple and quick message across. No other forum on the internet does this!

In my own situation this wonderfully-reduced verbiage has been a blessing; the economy of words has carried over into responding to comments on my blog, responses to rambling crap on Facebook, even to personal emails to family and friends so I don't bore them to death!

Twitter, surely you understand there are OTHER FORUMS to let people rant and rave! Like Reddit! Facebook! And personal blogs! Why would you destroy the pristine simplicity of 140 character that we've all grown to love?

If this is reaching you at all Twitter, let me say thanks tonight for allowing me to rant and rave right here on my own personal blog - not blasting out the brains of Twitter friends and followers! Please do rethink this! If someone throws 10,000 characters at me during a busy day I think I'd croak - and most surely NOT respond!

Short and sweet has gained you millions of fans and participants. Are you really willing to jeopardize all this by turning yourself into another Reddit or Facebook? If you think I'm the only one alarmed, here's a link to The Huffington Post that describes the emotional and financial chaos at hand!

As always, thanks for stopping by this evening. If you're a Twitter fan, then you know precisely what I'm talking about. (Otherwise, please forgive me for boring you to tears!)

Andrew A. Williams
On Twitter: @TheButlersTale


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    1. So fun to see you here on the blog Sharon! Thanks for the comment - you're a master (mistress) of brevity! See you back on Twitter!