Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Saint Valentine's Day 2016! (Ugh!)

I'm so pissed tonight I can't even think straight! Late in the day, at the very last minute, my seventy-year-old employer called me up and asked if I could run out and get some roses and a card for Valentine's day.

This is not the first year the old buzzard has done this to me. So on Friday's shopping at the market I went ahead and picked up two dozen reds, some baby's breath blooms, and a card.

Since I have NO IDEA who he's giving this to (the Weekday Girlfriend or the Weekend Girlfriend) I bought a completely innocuous card that simply said "Happy Valentine's Day" - nothing mushy or anywhere near approaching the word "Love".

Ester the upstairs maid was kind enough to cut the stems for me and shove the whole mess into a nice cut-lead vase, and put it down in the wine cellar to stay fresh. So all I really had to do was bring it upstairs, place the card there with a writing pen (since he can't ever find one) and that's that.

Maurizio, one of our Italian grounds keepers, reported that the old man was running from the front door to the service door this afternoon, looking for his pharmacy delivery of Viagra. (He honestly thinks we don't know about this!) But since the gates are closed the pharmacy ALWAYS drops it off in the mailbox outside.

Why on earth can't he remember that instead of disturbing my evening and calling me up for an emergency run to the pharmacy? It's right outside there in the damned mailbox!

Talk about true love and romance, huh?

I hope your Valentine's day is full of a lot more happiness and love than what I see going on around here. Rich people are a whole world unto themselves.

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!


  1. Andrew, the irony, he's giving you a Hard time looking for his Viagra. Chris

    1. Ha! I like your sense of humor Chris. Believe me, the whole thing is a source of humor around here.

    2. Chris, that was too funny. Thanks for the laugh!

    3. Andrew, did you ever find out who the flowers were for? One of the stories that has always stuck with me was you doing this for the Mrs on behalf of Mr. I guess because the news and tabloids bombard us with information about what the rich and famous do for each other on Valentine's day and other special occasions, I assumed it would be the same for billionaires. One would think that the person with that much wealth and power would put a tad bit more thought into these situations. Is it because he doesn't have a deep emotional attachment to them or this is just how it is?

    4. It was the weekday girlfriend that showed up on Valentine's. The weekend girlfriend's children were visiting her so she didn't come out. The lack of thought on the old man's part doesn't surprise me, though.