Thursday, August 4, 2016

Do Billionaire's Have Morals?

In various ways I've been asked this question many times over the years, since beginning this blog back in 2011. Try as I may to figure it all out, the best answer I can come up with is that they seem to make up their own morals as they go along, depending on their positions, power, and adventures at the moment.

We have wonderful examples of the super rich being generous with their employees, lifting them up along the way to their mutual success, and contributing untold amounts of money to charities, endowments for the arts, and funding entire wings for hospitals and universities. On the other hand, some of them have a selfish malignant narcissism that defies all comprehension - making them difficult to be around, if not a total menace to everyone in their paths.

To narrow this down, I'm afraid to report my employer is probably among the latter. I've written several posts about all the women streaming in and out of this house and how it keeps our lives in disruption. Add to that, for the last three nights a new woman has shown up here that none of us have ever seen before! She comes late in the evening and disappears before the morning house staff arrives - which doesn't bode well.

If you recall, in a post entitled Trollop Tales: Part 3 back in June, I wrote about the new girlfriend in our lives who had been around for several months. We in the house staff were growing to understand her; we had gone from rejecting to accepting her. In fact, we had even given her more respectful and elevated titles from The Trollop, to The Woman, and then to The Current Girlfriend.

Then she and the Mister went off on a weekend vacation in his private jet, along with four other guests to the Bahamas. But something must have happened that mysterious weekend which I've yet to unravel. Suddenly she disappeared. As with women who have disappeared in the past, I naively thought perhaps she was on her own private summer vacation with family and friends and would be back soon.

But after three weeks without seeing hide nor hair of her, suddenly this new woman shows up! And the pharmacy dropped off a new prescription of Viagra today. So I guess we're in for a whole new episode.

I haven't seen this new one face to face yet, only from my garage apartment window when she arrives. But she appears quite young - let's say late thirties, compared to the forty-and-fifty year olds of the former ladies who show up here. All compared to my employer being near the age of Methuselah.

She (like all his wives and girlfriends) is tall, quite thin, with long blond hair. For him it seems to be more about fulfilling his narcissistic self image than seriously engaging romantically with anyone. Seemingly his need is to appear in public with an attractive woman on his arm, no matter who it is and interchangeable as they may be.

Indeed, there's a framed photo of himself as a handsome young soccer champ, prominently displayed in his boudoir. As you may have already guessed, standing beside him and happily smiling is a tall slender blond.

So once again it's up to us the staff to adjust. After all, he's the one who writes our paychecks, isn't he? It's not our place to judge, or apply our middle-class values and moralities to those who think of themselves as being above the rules.

What's up to us is to tolerate and accommodate whatever cheeky tramp or trollop that shows up here. Any one of them, God forbid, could become the future Mistress of the house!

Hope your summer is going well, and thanks for dropping in this evening,



  1. I am seriously laughing out loud from this article!!! I'm a PA to a very rich and grand lady and have often thought the same thing, that they make up their own morals as they go along. :)

    1. Hi Marion, it's always nice to hear from a fellow service member. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Andrew, i always suspected that's how a Lot of Billionaire's function when it comes to morals. R.I.P Gene wilder the world has lost its wonka. Chris

    1. Yes Chris, we'll all miss the comic genius of Mr. Wilder. Thanks for dropping in. Andrew