Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Father's Day Menu to Remember!

I didn't want to let the day go by without saying Happy Father's Day! Just got an email from my friend Greg down in Texas about their family gathering tomorrow, and wanted to share his Father's Day menu with you. It sounds absolutely awesome!   

Here's what he told me, word for word:

"I've just finished two hours of preparing a brisket and pork butt for the smokers tomorrow - for fathers day dinner Sunday.

I made dry rubs for each, from scratch of course. Brushed each hunk of meat with yellow mustard and coated with their respective rubs. Massaging the pork rub into the meat, which feels mushy and weird, and just  shaking the brisket rub over the meat until it is totally covered with a very thick crusty layer on top of the mustard. Each then wrapped tight in Saran wrap and foil and placed back into the fridge for an overnight rendezvous.

All else is in place for tomorrow's grand smoke. Hickory for the brisket and a mix of pecan and apple woods for the pork. The pork will smoke in the vertical smoker above a water pan filled with apple cider, Mexican beer, water, yellow onion and a fresh jalapeƱo. And the brisket in the big smoker, plain ol' Texas style, just natural lump mesquite charcoal and hickory wood. 

When the smoking is under way I'll make my soon-to-be-patented chipotle-tomatillo salsa. Valerie, my sister, has desert covered with her amazing and sinful cast iron cobblers. One peach and one blueberry-- Peach and Blueberry pie filling topped with cinnamon, then yellow cake mix topped with brown sugar and sliced up sticks of butter covering the whole thing (in a cast iron skillet) A quick hot bake in the oven and voila! A thing of beauty. Add some homemade vanilla ice cream from our old big wooden-barrel old-fashion ice cream maker I found in our shop that we had when I was a kid -- and we've got a party!"

See what I mean?  Absolutely awesome! I think Greg and his sister need to start a web page, or a cooking school, don't you?

Happy Father's Day to all! 




  1. I know how you feel since my Daddy has passed ! My Thoughts will be on Happy days with him !!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing that. And hope you got through the day ok. Memories are a precious gift.

  3. I think your buddy Greg and his sister need to start thinking about opening a resturant! Just tell us where it is.

  4. I agree with anonymous! Especially if they CATER! We'd pay good money for a meal like that!

  5. To the two "Anonymous" comments above, I'll communicate your interest forthwith. Ha!

    But Greg and his sister both have their own professional lives, and cook just for fun. (I wish they had a restaurant, too! Ha!)

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!