Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do Charm Schools Still Exist?

Yes they do! While they may have evolved with the times, Charm Schools are still around and serve an important purpose within certain circles. Primarily they teach social etiquette in such areas as:

- How to greet someone (especially dignitaries and royalty).
- How to shake hands and/or bow.
- Proper topics for social conversation.
- Letter writing, invitations, regrets, and thank you notes.
- How to set a formal dining table.
- And physical comportment - such as posture, how to walk with style, how to sit, even how to eat.

Also called Finishing Schools, they flourished in earlier times when professional careers were not open to women. They were designed primarily to prepare young women for marriage - hopefully into high society. But many of these schools closed when women began entering college and going out into the marketplace, seeking careers of their own.

Even so, social skills are still quiet important, and many prominent schools have survived. It's well known that even Diana, Princess of Wales briefly attended the Institut Alpin Videmanette - a famous finishing school in Switzerland.

In modern times these schools have evolved and are experiencing a resurgence, especially as the rich grow in numbers. And major corporations are jumping in and sending their prized employees to what they call Protocol or Etiquette schools, especially when dealing with foreign corporations. But long gone are the days when every city and small town in America had a "Miss Lovely's Finishing School for Girls". 

For more information on the best schools still in existence in America, England, or Switzerland, just Google the words Finishing Schools.

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  1. Excellent post. It is very informative.

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    1. Hi KEK!

      Always nice to hear from you. I was afraid that post might be a little boring.


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  4. Mr. Williams

    My daughter will be attending finishing school this year. I went for four years 20 years ago. Unfortunately, here in california and New York the course is only one week. Somewhat laughable ! I do hope she is able to attain some new information........ as most of mine have become as obsolete as common courtesy and dinosaurs. Giggle!

    Hope this has found you in the best of spirits,

    1. Thanks for this charming comment on Charm Schools, Ali.

      Times have changed, yes. But a week is better than nothing at all.

      Social skills are hugely important, to both men and women.