Friday, October 11, 2013

Luxury Mattresses for the Rich!

You know, a good night's sleep is one thing but what's going on in the titillating world of mattress manufacturing is really getting crazy. Apparently manufacturers have discovered their cash cows lie among the super rich - and they're pandering to them left and right. I totally understand the bragging rights for a new Ferrari or Patek Philippe watch - but a new mattress?

Did you know there's a British company called Savoir Beds that offers rest and comfort in the $10,000 to $20,000 range? And that's their low end. In fact, in commemoration of Regina's sixty years on the throne they're making sixty custom-made 'Royal Beds' for $175,000 each. To be fair, this price does include a canopy with drapes, in case you're wondering.

The reason this comes up, I had an email from a reader name Sonia who was shopping for a new mattress and inquired as to what brand my billionaire employers prefer. While I hate to disappoint, this house is full of reliable Sealy Posturepedics - I'm guessing in the two to three-thousand range.

Having admitted that, we do add expensive mattress toppers and the sheets on these relatively-inexpensive mattresses are from Pratesi in Italy, upwards of $5,000 a set.

Sonia also asked about how often a mattress should be switched out. I know the manufacturers are currently promoting eight years as the time to buy a new bed, but whether this is based on scientific evidence or just meant to promote sales, I haven't a clue. (I mean, doesn't it make a difference if the mattress is accommodating a young couple romping and sweating their way through the night, or an older couple who barely turn over once or twice during their sleep?)

All I know is that around here mattresses are seemingly switched out between each and every marriage. Which in  my opinion is entirely appropriate, don't you think?

Before closing, I might also mention you can get a decent comfortable mattress from Walmart for considerably less than $175,000. Trust me on that point. 

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