Saturday, January 28, 2017

Inauguration Gossip Among The Rich!

Needless to say my employer is pleased as punch that the Republican Party is back in office. Apparently he's been a small-government republican all his life and relishes the prospect of all three branches being controlled by one party.

On the other hand, he and his rich old cronies who show up here on a regular basis are quite liberal when it comes to social issues. They are seemingly at odds with the other half of the Republican Party that wants to snoop around in everyone's bedrooms and control our private lives.

In that context, I've heard some hysterical conversations at cocktail parties the past few weeks, from the day of the election results until this first full week of the new president taking office. The comments bounce around the room from group to group, but here are a few snippets.

At first the chatter seems to concern the new guy's readiness and his questionable world view:

"He doesn't seem very well informed, does he?"
"On some subjects, perhaps not."
"Don't you mean most?"
"Have it your way, I'm not in the mood to fuss with you tonight."
"I don't like that he's embracing isolationism."
"I wish you'd embrace it and go home."
"Did you see all those protests?"
"I thought about going, but what does one wear?" 
"Why does he continue with those impetuous tweets?"
"I think it's a crutch. Like that Champagne flute you just refilled."
"The markets are holding steady, that's all I care about."
"You always were so selfless, my dear."

Then the conversations move on to the man's erratic ego issues and what problems that may cause down the road:

"Why did he want to be president anyway? Such a dreadful occupation."
"Most likely an ego thing."
"Why does he keep talking about his numbers?"
"It's something about that TV show I think."
"His bragging embarrasses me."
"It's a wonder you can be embarrassed by anything at your age."
"What voter fraud is he talking about anyway?"
"The one that shows Hillary won."
"What happens when Putin pops his balloon?"
"Cash in and buy gold you twit, like we always do."
"Did he just start a war with Mexico?"
"I wasn't paying attention, what have you heard?"
"His narcissism makes me nauseous."
"Those cheap pearls you're wearing tonight are making me nauseous."

Then after all the grumbling stops I hear stuff like this:

"But his ego makes him want to be a good leader, doesn't it?"
"One would think."
"I mean, he'll probably want to have a second term."
"Unless that nasty business about impeachment comes up."
"He might surprise us."
"Your lips to God's ears."
"His wife has wonderfully good taste, don't you think?"
"Well yes, except for her taste in men."
"He doesn't do cocktails? I don't understand that."
"Oh, shut up Sylvia!"

So there we have it. Confusion and consternation are alive and well these days. Not being rich myself there's no rhyme nor reason I would be a republican - not to mention I'm a big fan of clean air and water. But I realize the pendulum swings and don't mind the other party being in office from time to time, to keep things in balance.

At this point I think I'll follow the advice of our ancient and frequent cocktail guest Dame Covington. Dressed in haute couture this evening and dripping in diamonds, she simply said, "We have to give the man a chance, don't we?"

It's not as if we actually had a choice, but I think she's right. Cross our fingers and hope for the best is all we can do right now.

As always, thanks for dropping by this evening. This is not a political blog, so I hope this hasn't been offensive to anyone. It's not my fault our new president is intentionally so tendentious, is it?



  1. Thanks for this. It's been one of the few posts on this fiasco that didn't make me more depressed. You should do more of these 'chatter' posts.

    1. A fiasco indeed, and the entire world is alarmed! Take heart in knowing there are many more millions around the world against Trump-ism than the few millions who voted for him. Fewer indeed than those who voted for Hillary. It's been on the news here about how Australians have made your voices heard as well. Thanks for this comment, Ben. We are not alone!

  2. Haha this is awesome. The 22 year old son of my employer told his friend that he didn't like Trump because he is trying to get rid of all their Mexican servants. He said this while I, being Mexican, was polishing his shoes haha!

    1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. The sad dichotomy being that the rich, especially republicans, want to hire people at the lowest possible wages without any health insurance involved.

  3. Oh goodness, I haven't been on in a while and when the first thing I saw was "inauguration gossip", I almost closed the tab. I'm glad I took a breath and kept reading. This might be the first political observation I've read where I didn't feel sad, mad or depressed in some way, on some scale. Hilarious. Simply hilarious. "Oh, shut up, Sylvia" had me rolling. I've been trying to find a suitable alternative to "Bye, Felicia" and I think this will do quite nicely.

    I'm the opposite of your Mister and his friends. I am exceedingly conservative in my personal life, but I can't vote republican because I feel its amoral, stifling and hypocritical to dictate the most important events in another person's life on the basis of one religion, especially when the billions of people in that religion can't decide on how to interpret or follow much of it. Even the unambiguous laws are broken on a daily basis. No one should be cherry picking which one of the biblical laws they get to follow and which ones they should force on others. That makes no sense to me.

    Plus, I am against unchecked greed and I am for less pollution in the air and drinking water. I've been told that those views are decidedly anti-republican so that limited my political options. The thing is, I really (and selfishly) enjoy the act of breathing, and I'm vain enough to know what high amounts of lead and other contaminants in drinking water will do to my hair. I like my hair.

    1. Thanks for your reply Stacy, and I'm glad you kept reading. The lack of respect for other people's opinions and rights seems to be the most destructive factor these days in our divided nation. Our democracy is so fragile, and not at all guaranteed unless we work together for mutual respect.

  4. Andrew,all this time reading and talking about your blog with my friends and not one mention of the opera. I'm starting to wonder as to whether you're actually a billionaires butler. Have a great night. Chris

    1. The thing is Chris, you've written to us under several different 'Anonymous' names, as we know. You've posed this question before if I'm really a butler, and I have no idea what you're talking about with not writing about the Opera. The simple and easy thing for you to do is to stop reading my blog. Andrew

  5. Andrew, I go as anonymous for my own personal and professional sake, not as a slight towards you. It was an inquiry perhaps not phrased right and I meant absolutely no disrespect towards you as I enjoy your blog. Yes I have written you before but not as often as you seem to think.

    1. Thank you Chris. As we're able to moderate comments before they're published, I've always been open to Anonymous comments. And as always, thanks again for reading. I'll keep my ears open if my employer ever decides to go to an opera.